Stock Transfer Form – Form J10 & Form J30

A Stock Transfer Form, also known as a Share Transfer Form, shall be used to record the transfer of ownership of shares in any private or public limited company registered in England, Wales and Scotland.

According to Section 770 of the Companies Act 2006 a company may not register a transfer of shares unless a ‘proper instrument’ has been delivered to it.

A ‘proper instrument’ can take a variety of forms and may be subject to the company’s Articles of Association. The Model Articles of Association contained in the Companies Act 2006 state that “shares may be transferred by means of an instrument of transfer in any usual form or any other form approved by the directors, which is executed by or on behalf of the transferor”.

Therefore there is no prescribed form for transferring shares and, as long as certain information is included in the form, there is no statutory requirement to use a particular form or template. However, the most common form is the Stock Transfer Form as set out in schedule 1 of the Stock Transfer Act 1963.

Form J10 and Form J30 are Stock Transfer Forms that comply with schedule 1 of the Stock Transfer Act 1963.

  • Form J10 Stock Transfer Form – is used for the transfer of nil or partly paid shares. Also it is used to transfer shares when both signatories are present as both the transferor and the transferee are required to sign this form.
  • Form J30 Stock Transfer Form – is used for the transfer of fully paid shares, where only one signatory is present as only the transferor is required to sign this form. This is the most widely used form of the two.

Please note that you can only use Form J10 and Form J30 above if you hold a share certificate.

For Stock Transfer Form (Form J10 & Form J30) and instructions on how to complete the forms please visit: Stock Transfer Form – Form J10 and Form J30.

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