The Legal Stop is an online company dedicated to providing high quality, easy-access, cost-effective legal and business document templates.

The market for legal documents is big, all businesses need legal documents and it is often a legal requirement to have them in place.

Traditionally the drafting of legal documents has been undertaken by solicitors. People and businesses alike did not have any other option than going to a solicitor and paying expensive fees. The Legal Stop has been established to provide an alternative, quick and cost-effective solution for businesses and people to handle their legal matters.

We have a large number of documents to meet every legal need. Our documents are legally binding, governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. All documents are written in plain English and are easy to edit to suit particular requirements.


Our template portfolio covers four main areas:

  • Business Documents
  • Corporate Documents
  • Employment Documents
  • Health & Safety and Human Resources Documents


We provide a quick and cost effective solution than paying high solicitor's fees, people choose us because we offer great value-for-money while retaining quality.


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How Does it Work?

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If you have any query or encounter a problem you can always contact us for help at



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We track your customers for 60 days; this is done by providing you with linking URLs which are unique to your account, and placing cookies on the users system which expire at 60 days. When a user buys a template on our site within 60 days following clicking on such a link, you earn commission. Our software tracks the sales made and awards commission to the appropriate affiliates.


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Why Join Our Affiliate Program?


  1. We have a large number of legal and business documents to meet every legal need
  2. We provide high quality affordable legal and business document templates
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