The Legal Stop Affiliates Programme

We just launched The Legal Stop affiliates programme.

If you have a website and want to take your site to the next level while making money off your traffic then certainly you will find our affiliates programme interesting.

If you have a website and/or a blog you can join The Legal Stop affiliates programme and provide your users with a valuable service and in the process you can earn generous commission.

The market for legal documents is big, all businesses need legal documents and it is often a legal requirement to have them in place. If you want to make passive income then join our affiliates programme for FREE.

There are several reasons for joining, here are a few of them:

  1. We have a large number of legal and business documents to meet every legal need
  2. We provide high quality affordable legal and business document templates
  3. We have a very lucrative three-tier commission structure 25%, 5% and 2%
  4. We have a wide selection of marketing tools which can help you promote the documents
  5. Visitors continue to buy long after their first visit. Our system tracks customers coming from your website and purchasing our documents for 60 days. Customers who purchase within that time are counted as yours and you receive commission on documents they purchase
  6. You monitor your performance. You have access to detail real-time statistics 24/7, this means that you can check up how you are doing at any time and you do not lose revenue
  7. We pay sales commission on time and we do not make prior deduction for bank costs
  8. It costs nothing to join and getting started is easy


For further information please visit:


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The Legal Stop is a straightforward online business using information technology for the public good. We aim to make the provision of legal services accessible and transparent for people and businesses alike. We provide affordable and transparent diverse legal services on a fixed fee basis. Our services include: Fixed Fee Legal Services, Fixed Fee Document Drafting and Legal and Business Document Templates.

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