Clegg Announces Youth Employment And Training Review

According to Nick Clegg, British youth is not well-prepared for working life so “urgent action” need to be taken. While speaking at the CBI annual dinner he shared his view that those who leave school do not know exactly what to do with their lives.

From data of the 2012 wage subsidy scheme, almost 1.65 million 18-24 year olds had not taken active part in the economy of the country.

Clegg pointed out that Britain’s youth needed such reforms so that they help them with their skills, training and employment support.

The aim of this review is to simplify a system which most people said was too difficult to understand.

This system managed to confuse even businesses.

CBI announced the number of initiatives for employers in England was too big and due to this many employers lost their way. Of course, there are some who succeed in orientating and finding the proper way in the 47 different initiatives.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson also shared his opinion that youth unemployment should not be that high. Current figures show that the jobless young people in the UK are just under one million. About 5 million businesses operate in the UK and in case all of these had created at least one new job the problem could be solved.

A proposal came from shadow education secretary Steven Twigg after which youngsters who have been economically inactive for a year need to be guaranteed job places.

This review is going to be shown to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister this autumn.