Youth Crime Commissioner Busted For Offensive Tweets

Racist and homophobic slurs were discovered earlier this week on the Twitter timeline of Britain’s inaugural youth crime commissioner.

Her name is Paris Brown and she is 17 years old. For £15,000 a year she should try to improve the communication between young people and police.W wonder if she is familiar with the employment documents required for 17-year olds?

Unfortunately it turned out that Ms Brown had posted unsavory things on her Twitter earlier this week. These included topics about sex, drugs and drinking. From a legal perspective – nothing unforgivable, however was she right to write thinks like these?

When applying for this position Ms Brown competed with 164 other candidates.

The person who first mentioned about this position and was ready to pay £5,000 of the salary from her own wage shared she had thought that the appointment of Ms Brown had been a good decision.

“I was not recruiting an angel, and I was not recruiting a police officer,” said Ms Barnes. “I was recruiting a young person, warts and all.

This is the main reason why she believed there was no way that they could find a young person who had never said anything foolish and offensive and felt sorry for it later.

Before being given this position Paris passed police vetting procedures but they did not find out anything about the teenager’s social media presence.

Many complaints were received on Monday so now police investigates this case.

In the words of Ms Brown this furor about her tweets would prevent her from carrying out her duties.

“I strongly reiterate that I am not racist or homophobic,” she added. “I have fallen into the trap of behaving with bravado on social networking sites. I hope this may stand as a learning experience for many other young people.”