New Test for Immigrants Who Want to Stay in the UK

There was an announcement that British culture and history will be the main topics in the UK citizenship test. According to the immigration minister Mark Harper foreign migrants will have to answer questions about the “values and principles at the heart of being British”.

The updated preparation handbook and the new exam will be introduced in March.

The majority of the questions in the current exams are about catching trains and attending job interviews but now they will be replaced with ones about architecture, royalty and British comedy.

Harper said that “This is just part of our work to help ensure migrants are ready and able to integrate into British society and forms part of our changes which have broken the automatic link between temporary and permanent migration.”

According to him this will encourage people to take part in the British life to a greater extend.

More than 150,000 immigrants took the current Life in the UK test last year. There is a little bit of historical information in the handbook for this test but it is only for some academic interest and is not required for the test.

Don Flynn, the director of the Migrants’ Rights Network, compared the new version of the test to “an entry examination for an elite public school”.

“This looks to us like a big step backwards from the concerns with integration which the government is supposed to have in this area,” he commented. “Naturalisation procedures have already been sharply criticised for coming up with tests which have very little to do with the things that most British people feel are important about their lives.”

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