No Agreement on the UK Bill of Rights

A commission of nine government-appointed experts failed to reach an agreement about the UK Bill of Rights. These experts spent a year and a half looking at the current Human Rights Act with the idea of replacing it with an independent UK Bill of Rights.

Their decision to replace it was due to the fact that The Human Rights Act 1998 is currently criticized because of its association withEurope. It has been said to bring theUKin line with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Many critics claim theUKdoes not have any control over its own human right laws because it was forced to agree to the changes proposed by the European Court of Human Rights. An example of this turns out to be the conflict between the government and the ECHR on the topic of prisoner voting rights.

In opposition to the conservatives who had been in favour of a UK Bill of Rights, appeared people like their Lib Dem colleagues within the coalition, whose deputy is PM Nick Clegg and who are not that enthusiastic.

Seven of the members were pro and the other two were con the idea that the Bill of Rights was worth pursuing. These two were, Labour peer Baroness Kennedy and law professor Philippe Sands, whose opinion is that a UK Bill of Rights would “be used to strip people of basic rights and decouple theUKfrom the European Convention”.

The fact that the commission did not manage to come to an agreement appeared as a blow for David Cameron, who recently showed his dissatisfaction with today’s European human rights law and accused ECHR that they wanted to giveUKprisoners the vote.

There were some signs showing that there was almost no chance that the commission’s decision goes in favour of the Tories.

Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky was the member who resigned from the commission in May. Before leaving, he accused Nick Clegg and former justice secretary Ken Clarke that they were ready to do everything in favour of Europe.

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