Offenders Pretend to be Police-officers

Three men aged between 27 and 35 were arrested in Russell Square, London, as they pretended to be police-officers and attempted to con tourists visiting London for the Olympics. They were tricking people to believe they were plain-clothed policemen and tried to ask money from them.

According to the police, this crime is not directly related to the Olympics, however, due to the increased number of visitors at that time, many fraudsters started thinking on schemes onto how to trick people.

People, who do not speak English and people from countries with great respect to authorities are thought to be most probable victims of the scam.

As London tourists have always been an attraction to criminals, Detective Superintendent Steve Osborn of Westminster borough warns that authority police-officers would never take money from you, they will not ask to see your bank cards and they would never ask you to disclose your PIN. There are real police-officers out there on the streets, who are observing the area and arresting anyone involved in crime. Mr. Osborn is proud of his officers, as they made several arrests yesterday.

Up to now the London police have already arrested three “touters” – people selling tickets for the Olympic games, on price, much higher than their real price