May Announces Plans To Tackle Modern-Day Slavery

An announcement was made by the Home Secretary Theresa May, after which the UK government mentioned it would do everything possible in order to cope with the phenomenon known as modern-day slavery.

Soon the Parliament will vote new laws, the aim of which will be to stop the process of trafficking people into the UK and later making them slaves. I guess there are no employment documents for this.

“It has been a profound shock to discover the extent to which slavery has reappeared in our country,” commented May. “We can and we will eliminate it – providing everyone at every level of society does what they can to help. No man, woman or child should be left to suffer through modern slavery.”

Those known as gangmasters- people who provide many underpaid workers- will no longer be able to serve as ones, after being caught.

These will also have certain limits on their movement and the firms they own.

Another reform will be the appointment of a modern slavery commissioner whose task will be to watch closely if things go as planned.

While talking about the modern-day slavery, May announced that society and politics had to do everything possible in order to set such people free. She added that the number of people used as slaves will be reduced only when the people trafficking them were sent to jail.

One of the basic priorities of the freshly-formed National Crime Agency is to deal with human trafficking.

Labour also supported the future reforms but added these would not be enough so that things got better. However, it is a good beginning.

Theresa May Accused Of Cover-Up Over Immigration Report

After it became evident that parts of a report into British border controls were hidden The Home Office was accused of covering these up.

Home Secretary Theresa May on her own redacted 15 sections of the report between the UK and France. These include statements of staff and managers in Calais on the insufficient amount of money allotted on resources. There was also a section describing the ‘Lille loophole’, because of which there were UK-bound Eurostar passengers who did not go thorough immigration checks.

The partial censoring of the report is thought to have happened because of the desire of Mrs. May to hide her mistakes.

Chris Bryant, the shadow immigration minister, said:

“This cover-up and the failure at our borders provide yet more dents in this Government’s much-tarnished credibility.”

He added he could find no other proper reason why the report had to be redacted by the highly-respected independent inspector. If you are concerned about employing immigrants from other countries, check our employment document templates

The opinion of UKIP leader Nigel Farage is that Home Office should in no way censor reports considering the operations of border security. As this has already happened this means that there is something they were most probably trying to hide.

The parts of the report which remained uncensored showed that illegal immigrants at Calais were taken no photographs or fingerprints because there were not enough cells where to detain them.

Another thing revealed by this report was that the Border Force, stationed at ports and airports, do not hand out the maximum fines to drivers and firms transporting illegal immigrants.


An Approval from Partner for a Gun License

Recently the home secretary Theresa May offered that people who apply for gun licenses have to bring with them proof of consent from the partner they are now with or from their former one. According to her it was “not appropriate” to allow people get gun licenses in the cases when there were evidence on domestic violence.

Ministers cooperating with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) will try to convince people that domestic violence perpetrators should not be furnished with weapons.

In her letter May also mentioned that the consultation with the partners is a Canadian practice but it is still not established if it will really help reducing the risk of domestic violence.

The shooting of 12 people inCumbriamade the government raise concerns that “involving partners and recent ex-partners in signing applications may put them in a position of vulnerability and increased risk of renewed violence and abuse”.

After this case a recommendation came from the Home Affairs Committee’s 2010 report according to which not only people who had been sent to jail should be banned owning guns but also those with suspended sentences.

Nowadays people with sentences up to three year are not allowed to use guns for five years and those with sentences of five years or more got permanent bans.

Derrick Bird, the men who killed 12 people, was found guilty of theft twenty years ealier but was later allowed to get his gun license.

Currently in the UK the local police officer gives a certificate granting that the applicant has “good reason” for owning one. When filling this application the officer takes into consideration criminal records, mental health problems and past alcohol or drug abuse.

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Give More Power to The Police To Increase Efficiency

The police will now be enabled with more powers, as they will be entitled to prosecute people on an extended list of offences without being necessary a state lawyer to be involved, said the Home Secretary Theresa May.

It has been announced that a greater number of offences will be taken to court by the police, without involving the Crown Prosecution Service, as this is considered to ” help the focus on fighting crime”

Currently, the police might take only minor cases to court. This involve traffic offences, such as speeding, driving without insurance or failing to provide a valid driving license. According to the new plans, they will be able to deal with those accused of driving without due care and attention, a variety of alcohol-related and public order crimes, and cases involving criminal damage with a value of less than £5,000.

All the cases, handled by the police, will go ahead only if the defendant has announced their intention to plead guilty. It has been estimated that this way, more than 90 000 offences could be prosecuted by the police alone annually. These measures are taken in order to increase the efficiency of their work.

This would mean that more than 50% of cases dealt with in Magistrates’ Courts would be handled by the police. Nine police forces are to run an initial test of the new powers, which will be rolled out if they are viewed as a success.

“Giving police more powers to prosecute offenders will slash unnecessary bureaucracy and deliver swifter justice for victims,” said  May on the changes. “I want us to be bold and imaginative about transforming policing and the wider criminal justice system to save time and money and deliver a better service for the public.

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