May Announces Plans To Tackle Modern-Day Slavery

An announcement was made by the Home Secretary Theresa May, after which the UK government mentioned it would do everything possible in order to cope with the phenomenon known as modern-day slavery.

Soon the Parliament will vote new laws, the aim of which will be to stop the process of trafficking people into the UK and later making them slaves. I guess there are no employment documents for this.

“It has been a profound shock to discover the extent to which slavery has reappeared in our country,” commented May. “We can and we will eliminate it – providing everyone at every level of society does what they can to help. No man, woman or child should be left to suffer through modern slavery.”

Those known as gangmasters- people who provide many underpaid workers- will no longer be able to serve as ones, after being caught.

These will also have certain limits on their movement and the firms they own.

Another reform will be the appointment of a modern slavery commissioner whose task will be to watch closely if things go as planned.

While talking about the modern-day slavery, May announced that society and politics had to do everything possible in order to set such people free. She added that the number of people used as slaves will be reduced only when the people trafficking them were sent to jail.

One of the basic priorities of the freshly-formed National Crime Agency is to deal with human trafficking.

Labour also supported the future reforms but added these would not be enough so that things got better. However, it is a good beginning.