Longer Sentences for Sex Offenders

Sentences for rape and different forms of sexual assault should be longer so that they correspond to some extent to the psychological impact on the victim.

Recently the Sentencing Council gave the suggestion that sexual offences should be treated focusing on the physical aspects of the assault and not on the lasting effects it may have over the victim.

The Sentencing Council’s consultation is set to run in 14 weeks and it suggests that there should be a greater focus on the modus operandi of the perpetrator and also on factors such as modern technology used to film the assault.

If proved that rapists have used alcohol or drugs for their victims, their sentence will be up to 19 years, which was until now the sentence for those who had committed multiple rapes.

Potential prison terms for sexual offences against children will also change depending on that whether a position of trust was abused.

If these changes take place they will have heavy impact on cases in which victims of sexual assaults were afraid to make any accusations for long time. These changes will affect sentences for 54 specific crimes connected to sexual offence.

The Sentencing Council’s Lord Justice Tracy said: “The perspective of victims is central to the council’s considerations,”We want to ensure sentences reflect everything the victim has been through and what the offender has done.”

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