A Twitter “ban” for MP Sarah Wollaston

Sarah Wollaston was one of the Conservative MP’s warned to stop posting critical comments for the party leadership on Twitter but she refused to do it.

She did not agree with the remark of chief Lynton Crosby in whose statement they had to decide if they were “commentators or participants”.

In this respect Mrs Wollaston told the BBC News website.

“I think it’s important that if you are a backbench MP you’re there to be a critical friend and to scrutinise government policy”.

She called herself a “Cameron Loyalist” in whose opinion talk of leadership challenges should end. Sarah added that she had the right to comment both policy and party leadership when she felt she had to.

The press recently quoted Wollaston’s post on Tweeter saying: “Inner circle still look far too posh, male and white and Cameron is running out of time to fix it”.

She mentioned she just wanted to find out what was the public view over the cabinet.

Mrs. Wollaston was not the only MP criticizing the party leadership on Twitter. Other names that became popular because of this scandal are Michael Fabricant and Peter Bone with their accusations of sending “mixed messages” over immigration and committing 0.7% of state spending to foreign aid was wrong.

For the meeting at Tuesday Tory MPs were urged to focus on selling the party’s message and stop talking about the problems that social media cause to them. The other thing they had to stress on was the fact that on the next elections people would be able to choose between having Mr Cameron or Ed Miliband in Downing Street.

Labour Vice Chairman Michael Dugher said: “Things are so bad for Cameron that he is reduced to gagging his own backbench MPs on Twitter because he is fearful they will tell it how it is.”

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