Riots 2011 – One Year Later

 A year ago London was in a terrible mess, on 06.08 the riots started and spread around different parts of the UK. Fortunately now they are over, however the justice system is still dealing with many cases related to the riots.

Resent statements from the Ministry of Justice reveal that 1, 292 people have been arrested and jailed , because of their actions during the riots. If all the sentences that have been given are  added up this will equal 1, 800 years.

Any involvement into the riots is judged very strictly, and any crimes committed in relation to the riots have been looked over with great attention. The judges say that the sentences given for the riot crimes are over four times the average for a certain type of criminal action, when committed in other situation.

There are over 1200 sentenced people, however the Crown Prosecution Service is still working on about 10 cases related to the riots per week. There are 308 cases waiting for a final decision, but it is expected that all the riot cases will be completed by the end of 2012.

Some people were suspected in violent actions during that time, however they were not sentenced. About half of them were caught in relation to committing other offences later.

The Freedom of Information Act  showed that 44% of the people suspected to be involved in riot crimes are under suspicion for committing a variety of other offences as well.

A year later, London is back to its normal daily routine, but there are some concerns that this could happen again. Many people stated the youth unemployment and poverty to be the root of this aggression and according to them neither severe sentencing, nor harsher policing will be able to do much to stop this.

The Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, warned that conditions are not improving and said: “These issues are profound and unfortunately, in a double-dip recession, we will see an age of unrest unless these issues are dealt with.”