Rape Complaints Often Ignored by the Police

One in nine rape complaints by victims have been simply ignored by the UK police, Home Office figures reveal.

Another fact revealed by the figures is that the police also ignored some other crimes. For example two percent of reported burglaries, five percent of robberies, three percent of drugs complaints and six percent of sexual assaults.

According to a study by the Criminal Justice Joint Inspection team, it is possible that due to pressure to reduce the number of recorded cases, the police is “forced” to ignore some incidents as “no crime” without proper examination.

These figures may raise fears that rape victims might found themselves defenseless, while the rapists might escape justice for the crimes committed by them. This could lead to undermining confidence in the justice system and causing less victims of sexual assault to come forward.

The fact that 90% of sex attacks are still going unreported and the number of rapes reported to the police from April fell with 14% compare to the same period last year However, Amanda Bancroft, writing for the Guardian earlier this year, pointed out that the conviction rate for rape is slightly above the average for all crimes, suggesting that media misreporting could cause victims to be reluctant to come forward.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said in a report back in July that more than 300,000 women are sexually assaulted each year in Britain but warned only 91,000 of the culprits are prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and almost 67,000 are convicted.

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