Couple Claims the Land their House is Built on to be Toxic

A land previously used for processing toxic materials is now a residential property – a couple concerned about their health to sue the housing association.

Angela and Robert McManus – a young couple from Scotland are on their way to take legal actions against their housing association as the house they live in, has been built on a toxic land, used for processing toxic metals and chemicals such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE).

As McManus are experiencing a wide range of health problems, they believe the land was not properly decontaminated after serving as a site of heavy industry. Apart from frequent headaches and vomiting, they fear the toxic land might pose a cancer threat for all the families living on these premises.

At this stage the McManuses are the only ones to sue the association, however if their case proves to be successful, many other residents on the site will be encouraged to follow their example.

The family has  lived in the area, since the houses were built and during the years spend in the Watling Street area of Motherwell, they suffered lots of illnesses and discomforts. They managed to put up with these conditions, however they are now greatly concerned about their 3-year-old daughter`s health. For that reason, they were forced to seek a new accommodation elsewhere, so that they are not exposed to chemicals which might endanger their lives.

Collins Solicitors are engaged with the McManuse`s case and they represent all 43 families living on these premises. Senior partner of the firm Des Collins said:  “The properties are unfit for human habitation – the neuro-toxic vapours are making the residents ill. Whilst it is important to ask why the site was not properly remediated before the houses were built the much more pressing issue is to find an immediate solution to the on-going health problems.”

North Lancashire Council is concerned about such claims, however in this case they reassure the community that according to the latest test the land is safe and proper for habitation. There is no evidence that the land might cause any significant health dangers, to the people living there.