Planned Changes in Monitoring of Prisoners

The probation service in England and Wales is about to change but this will not influence the former prisoners and offenders serving community sentences to private firms.

The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, will announce these changes, according to which companies in the private sector  will supervise about 200, 000 medium- to low-risk offenders. Due to these actions, they will be rewarded by the government.

The offenders who are convicted of sexual or serious violent crimes, which are about 50, 000, will stay under the state-run probation service.

Many critics gave their opinion that if these changes do happen the public will be put at serious risk. One of the probation officers shared his thoughts that the scheme was rushed and the consequences will probably not be as those expected.

“Re-offending rates for the individuals that probation does supervise are much improved; those who participate in programmes have a re-offending rate now of 35%,” he commented. “This is a success story that the government should be building on, not destroying.”

However, Grayling defended the changes, saying: “We know across the public, private and voluntary sectors there is a wealth of expertise and experience; we need to unlock that so we can finally begin to bring down our stubbornly high re-offending rates.”

Those who served custodial sentences should also be introduced a compulsory rehabilitation.

Now the offer for prisoners with sentences of less than a year is simply voluntary rehabilitation.

The aim of the rehabilitation process is to reintegrate ex-prisoners into the society.

May be very soon, we start reciving document template requests for employment documents related to the new changes.