Failure of Press Regulation Talks

David Cameron promised that on Monday they would publish plans for tougher press regulator.

According to Campaign group Hacked Off the announcement of the prime minister “shows that he’s still protecting his friends in the press and betraying press abuse victims”.

On Monday, MPs will debate the proposals of Conservatives.

In the words of Mr. Cameron the easiest way for creating the “toughest” regulatory system in the world is the royal charter.

The report of Lord Justice Leveson from November called for a new independent press watchdog underpinned by legislation. Due to the report, the behaviour of nowadays press was “outrageous”.

On a recent conference, Mr. Cameron said that the talks on press reform did not achieve any success. No matter that Cameron has decided to pre-empt them and to pick a fight on his own terms  there is no way that he is not attacked for abandoning the victims. He announced he was fighting for press freedom against such people who want to shackle the press.

Probably the calculations of David Cameron pointed out that he would look like a leader after the Downing Street news conference despite the fact that his own party wondered whether he should move on working this job.

The examples he gave about stressing press treatment were the families of missing girl Madeleine McCann and murdered teenager Milly Dowler mentioning he wanted to prevent such other cases.

“It crosses the Rubicon in terms of endangering press freedoms,” he said.

In his statement, David Cameron said that plans he wanted to put forward were “workable” and most “deliverable”. The way he has chosen was the fastest possible in order to deliver the strong self-regulation body.

Mr. Cameron called other parties to support his proposal or come up with their own ones. On the other hand, he warned them that their plans would probably not work.

“If you establish a system that people don’t take part in you haven’t solved the problem.”

According to the Labour leader Mr. Miliband, Mr Cameron was “making an historic mistake” and this would not be a solution for the victims of press intrusion.

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