Former Police Officer Admits Selling Stories to Sun

After a former policeman admitted he had been selling information to the Sun newspaper, he is now about to go to jail and his employers should consider a confidentiality agreement when preparing the employment contracts.

The convicted person is the 30 years old James Bowes from Steyning, West Sussex. He was accused of giving detailed information of three high-profile investigations in 2010 for which information he got £500.

The 9 May is the day when his final sentence has to be announced.

He is the forth police officer cough after a Scotland Yard’s investigation aiming to lay hold of corrupted public officials.

No matter Mr. Bowes was released on unconditional bail this was “no indication of disposal”.

In the words of the BBC’s home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw, the other police officers caught previously were given prison terms ranging from 10 to 15 months.

The hearing was too short so no details about this case were announced.

Sussex Police came out with a statement saying they required the highest personal and professional standards of all staff and that those suspected of improper behaviour, out of the standards, would be rigorously investigated.

Deputy Chief Constable Giles York said: “On being made aware of the investigation into James Bowes in August 2012, Sussex Police immediately suspended him and following an internal disciplinary hearing the following month, he was dismissed for gross misconduct.”

The current number of people arrested as part of Operation Elveden is 60.

It is now being run together with two other police investigations. The first one is called Operation Weeting and its direction is alleged phone hacking. The name of the other investigation is Operation Tuleta and it is about computer hacking and other privacy breaches.