Plastic Surgery Industry Under Review

Plastic surgery industry to be subject of detailed review which will check for any “grubby practices”. Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS is concerned about the safety of cosmetic surgery, because of the scandal related to the PIP breast implants. The results of the upcoming review will help determine whether tighter regulation is required for the industry.

In order to make sure all the necessary precautions are taken he is asking the public to share their views and let him know their suggestions on how it could be improved.

It is not a secret that more than 50.000 women in the UK are affected by the scandal of the PIP implants and it is not surprising that this case has raised some serious questions related to the way plastic surgery industry operates.

The good news is that most clinics do keep a record of the patients who has been fitted with the PIP implants, so these women  can be informed of the potential risks and kept under control with regular checks.

“The recent problems with PIP breast implants have shone a light on the cosmetic surgery industry,” said Professor Keogh. ”Many questions have been raised, particularly around the regulation of clinics, whether all practitioners are adequately qualified, how well people are advised when money is changing hands, aggressive marketing techniques, and what protection is available when things go wrong. I am concerned that too many people do not realise how serious cosmetic surgery is and do not consider the life-long implications – and potential complications – it can have.”

Another concern that has been raised is that many people put price over quality, which mean that patients are endangering themselves. A recent research by the Department of Health revealed that two thirds of the 1762 participants who took part in the research consider as a main factor the cost of the intervention. The qualifications of the doctor and the quality of aftercare are taken into consideration as well, however only half of the people find it more important than the cost.

The forthcoming review of the cosmetic surgery industry aims at dealing with a wide range of issues related to the respective industry – from the qualifications of the practitioners to the level of information provided to the prospective patients. After the review is over, the UK will probably have a kind of “Health and Safety Policy” related to the plastic surgery industry.