Think Tank Recommends Penalty For Young Non-Voters

An idea was soon proposed that young people who has the right to vote for the first time but do not do it have to be penalized. This proposal came from the Institute for Public Policy Research in the view of which those who decide not to give their votes the first time when they receive this opportunity should get a light fine.

In case there are youngsters who do not like any of the candidates they would have the opportunity to abstain as long as they go to the polls.

A research of IPPR shows a great disparity in turnout between the young and old.

Data from the think tank point out that in 2013 local elections the percentage of those who went voting from 18- to 24-year-olds was 32%. However, those over the age of 65, were about 72%.

Associate director of the IPPR Guy Lodge said that because of the low percentage of young people voting, politicians would not pay almost any attention to them. In his words the fact that these youngsters preferred not to vote even in the first time they gained the chance to meant they would not do it regularly in the future. If these were made to vote at least the first time, there is a chance that they could change their opinion on the elections and continue voting. You can also have you vote by choosing legal document templates from The Legal Stop

“Unequal turnout unleashes a vicious cycle of disaffection and under-representation. As policy becomes less responsive to their interests, more and more decide that politics has little to say to them.”

The co-author of the report, Sarah Birch, added that this would not be so strange because it would not be the first thing young people are required to do. At least they have to go to school no matter if they want it or not.