Flight Delay Compensation Confirmed

Flight delay compensation has been confirmed by The European Court of justice. Passengers, who suffer a lengthy flight delays will now be able to receive a compensation from the airlines.

The original decision, allowing passengers to claim a compensation of up to €600, in case the flight is delayed with three or more hours is known as the Sturgeon ruling and exists since November 2009. This ruling was not convenient for the airlines, that`s why many of them, including British Airways, Lufthansa and EasyJet challenged the law.

However, today the court ruled on in favour of the current laws. Passengers are eligible to claim a compensation, when travelling from EU airports, as well as when travelling on a EU airline, with a final destination within the EU.

In addition to the compensation claims, the passengers suffering a flight delay are entitled to meals, phone calls and accommodation, if required. Everything should be funded by the airline.

The decision of the European Court will now open the door for the many flight delay compensation claims, which have been put on hold, after the airlines brought a legal challenge against the ruling.

The decision, enabling airline passengers to submit a flight delay compensation claim is considered to be fair, as a detailed research shows very few flights have an actual delay of three or more hours, in addition the airlines are protected by law in cases, where the delay was caused by “extraordinary circumstances”(it has been clarified that technical issues are nor considered “extraordinary circumstances”. What`s more the court ruled that passengers are only able to claim a compensation if they arrive at their destination with three or more hours delay, which means that it is completely possible to depart three hours later, but not being entitled to a compensation.

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