Man Arrested For Not Showing Enough Enthusiasm

54-year-old Mark Worsfold has been arrested during an Olympics cycling event for not showing enthusiasm.

Mark Worsfold is an ex-soldier and martial arts instructor who suffers Parkinson`s disease. This terrible condition causes rigidity of the facial muscles and for that reason he was not seem to be excited about the race. The police was suspicious because of his manner, dress code and his proximity to the course, as well as being “positioned close to a small group of protesters” which resulted in arresting and questioning him at the Reigate police station for two hours.

Mark Worsfold commented on the case by saying that the arrest “could have been done better”. He also asked for official exoneration as due to his condition the arrest was completely unreasonable.

Surrey Police said in a statement: “There were a number of factors which led officers to make this arrest, including the fact that the race was rapidly approaching, the heightened level of security due to the high-profile nature of the event and the sheer number of spectators in attendance”.

“These factors were fully explained to the individual concerned. He was given words of advice and released with no further action.”

The police also said that Mark Worsfold had several knives with him, which turned out to be made of rubber and used only as display items. In any case the UK authorities are trying to ensure a safe as possible atmosphere, however it is still controversial whether some draconian approach is required or it is just an annoying factor derived from over-concern.

As far as the Mark Worsfold is concerned, what do you think-can we call this a version of disability discrimination or just a coincidence?