Clegg Announces Youth Employment And Training Review

According to Nick Clegg, British youth is not well-prepared for working life so “urgent action” need to be taken. While speaking at the CBI annual dinner he shared his view that those who leave school do not know exactly what to do with their lives.

From data of the 2012 wage subsidy scheme, almost 1.65 million 18-24 year olds had not taken active part in the economy of the country.

Clegg pointed out that Britain’s youth needed such reforms so that they help them with their skills, training and employment support.

The aim of this review is to simplify a system which most people said was too difficult to understand.

This system managed to confuse even businesses.

CBI announced the number of initiatives for employers in England was too big and due to this many employers lost their way. Of course, there are some who succeed in orientating and finding the proper way in the 47 different initiatives.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson also shared his opinion that youth unemployment should not be that high. Current figures show that the jobless young people in the UK are just under one million. About 5 million businesses operate in the UK and in case all of these had created at least one new job the problem could be solved.

A proposal came from shadow education secretary Steven Twigg after which youngsters who have been economically inactive for a year need to be guaranteed job places.

This review is going to be shown to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister this autumn.


Clegg and the UK Economy

According to the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg the UK economy is nowadays focused mainly on London and it has to change its politics.

He is about to deliver a speech in which he will say that restoration of spending powers to authorities in other big cities is needed. In his words, if these changes do not happen Britain will lose out on £41bn a year.

“There can – and must – be more than one jewel in our crown.”

He added that political choices made UK’s economy so highly-centralized in London.

It turns out that the Labour and Conservative governments of the day were in a way enchanted by London’s financial services and eventually forgot about other industries and communities.

“The previous government, in particular, recycled and redistributed City of London tax receipts to other parts of the country through the long arm of Whitehall.

“Emasculating the north and overburdening the south. Trying to prop up a nation of 100,000 square miles on the profits of just a single Square Mile.”

The first speech from the annual series delivered by the deputy prime minister comes as the coalition is about to increase the amount of government spending local authorities in England.

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Nick Clegg To Announce Flexible Parental Leave

All parents-to-be will be able to share up to an year of parental leave, according to new rules, which are set to come into force in 2015. The new rules will be announced by Nick Clegg and according to them, both parents will be able to share the 52 weeks parental leave in a way suitable for them, with the only exception of the first two weeks after the baby`s birth. After the first two weeks, mothers can get back to work and share the parental leave with their partners.

At the moment, new mothers can take a maximum of 52 weeks of leave after the birth of their child, while fathers are entitled to two weeks of statutory paternity leave of their own.

Nick Clegg says: “From 2015, the UK will shift to an entirely new system of flexible parental leave. Under the new rules, a mother will be able to trigger flexible leave at any point – if and when she feels ready. ”That means that whatever time is left to run on her original year can be taken by her partner instead. Or they can chop up the remaining time between them – taking it in turns. Or they can take time off together – whatever suits them. The only rule is that no more than 12 months can be taken in total; with no more than 9 months at guaranteed pay. And, of course, couples will need to be open with their employers, giving them proper notice.”

Back in time the idea of flexible parental leave has been scrapped, because of a strong opposition from businesses, backed up  by Conservatives. The main reason for that opposition was the fact that estimations showed that this might have a negative effect on the whole business structure , especially for small businesses, having in mind the current economic situation.

In addition to the flexible parental leave, the fathers-to-be will be able to take unpaid leave, in order to attend medical consultations and appointments with the expectant mother “Lots of fathers will tell you that these moments are when it can start to feel real for them,” Clegg will explain. “This new right means no father will ever need to miss out.”