Life-Sentenced Murderer to Appeal his Verdict in European Human Rights Court

Jeremy Bamber, the convicted murderer, who was given the right to appeal against his life sentence by claiming this sentence is a human-rights infringement.

Jeremy Bamber was jailed for life in 1986 for killing his adoptive parents, his sister and her two children. He never plead guilty and refused to make any confessions.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg will make a decision on whether the UK law, according to which he is going to be detained for the rest of his life amounts to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

Along with two other cases for murdering, Jeremy`s case will be heard on 28 November. In January the European human rights judgesmade a ruling that it was not “grossly disproportionate” for the most notorious and dangerous British criminals to be jailed for life. However this will be tested by the grand chamber of the ECHR.

In 2008 Douglas Vinter killed her wife after already having spent 9 years in jail for murdering a colleague. Bamber was granted the appeal followig Douglas`s successful appeal.

Simon McKay-Bamber`s solicitor, said: “It is part of his long battle to challenge the home-secretary of the day going beyond what the trial judge said would be the appropriate sentence he should receive.He’s encouraged by it, but he’s realistic and acknowledges that it’s just another stepping point.”The final analysis will depend on what the Grand Chamber says in the end.”

The government has to stand firm. A spokesman from the Ministry of Justice said: “The European court upheld the view of our domestic courts that the imposition of whole-life tariffs for the most exceptionally serious cases is justified. It goes without saying that the government will be fighting the case vigorously in the grand chamber and defending the principle of the whole-life tariff.”