Results of a Poll Show Serious Problems in Maternity Leave and Working Place

Recent investigations point out that the problem of discrimination at work still exists for many women who get pregnant and decide to take maternity leave.

OnePoll organized a survey among 1,000 women which survey showed that most of them had faced discrimination in one way or another because of their maternity leave.

One in seven said that the maternity leave had cost them their working place and 2 in 5 of the asked women answered that after the end of their maternity leave their working hours were so cut that they could not work there anymore.

Another huge problem these women shared was that their employers did not support them in any way in order to return to their jobs. About a third of the asked said that in their opinion they were no more suitable for their previous working places and did not feel as they fitted there.

Employment law forbids discrimination against employee over maternity or paternity leave.

In spite of this, due to the hold poll only one in ten women ventured to speak to their employer’s HR department over suspected maternity discrimination.

The law firm Slater & Gordon commissioned the research and the final comment of their lawyer was that the results were “sad and shocking”.

“The big issue is that women are somehow seen as being less committed to their employers because they are now mothers,” said Ms Mangwana. “Many companies are settling out of court because they don’t want to be seen to be treating pregnant women or new mothers like this.

“But the awful thing is that I see the same major companies again and again and again, writing out these cheques – accompanied, of course, with a confidentiality clause.”

In a statement the Rosalind Bragg, from campaign group Maternity Action, announced that the number of pregnancy discrimination demands has doubled every year for the past three years.

In his opinion only a small percent of the women know their rights so they usually prefer not to spend time and energy to take any legal action against their employers but take care after their children.

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