Twitter Users Sued by Lord McAlpine

Lord McAlpine was wrongly accused to be a pedophile by some Twitter users so now he has decided to drop defamation claims against them.

He announced he would not pursue action against the people who have less than 500 followers but he would ask them to make donations for the BBC’s Children In Need

It all started from the Newsnight programme so the wish of Lord Mc Alpine is that his lawyers focus on Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow and her untrue words.

Mrs. Bercow’s lawyers said that the claim made by Lord McAline is limited to £50,000.

In a statement, Lord McAlpine said: “I have dropped all claims against those tweeters with less than 500 followers, in return for a very modest donation to BBC Children In Need, which funds 2,600 projects supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

“I have requested that my lawyers, RMPI LLP, focus on the action against Sally Bercow and that damages arising from this are donated to a charity of her choice.”

A number of organizations faced legal action on the matter but BBC and ITV were the very first who had to pay.

After the libel settlement was agreed Lord McAlpine got £185,000 from the BBC.

The topic of the Newsnight broadcast on 2 November was on allegations of child abuse at care homes in north Wales.

The name of Lord McAlpine was nowhere to be heard in this broadcast but later he was incorrectly linked with such cases on the Internet.

In a week when everybody found out that Lord McAlpine was not guilty on the things he used to be accused of, Newsnight carried a full, on-air apology.

Lord McAlpine turned out to be innocent, but you might get in trouble if you don`t have the required Corporate documents for your business