London Metropolitan University Stripped from its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status

Foreign students will not be accepted or taught in London Metropolitan university anymore, because of a ban by UKBA.  It lost its “Highly Trusted University” status after failing to comply with the main requirements of UKBA to recruit students from outside the EU and prove that it is a proper institution to do it. The license has been taken away last month, because the auditions showed the university poses significant “thread to the immigration control.”

By announcing its decision today, the UKBA has put the future of many of London Met’s current and prospective international students in grave jeopardy. According to the regulations, without having this license the university is unable not only to accept foreign students, but also to teach the current students, who have already enrolled. Currently, there are about 2000 overseas students at the university, who, according to the UKBA`s guidelines , will have 60 days to arrange transfer to another UK university. In case they fail to do so, they will face deportation and will be forced to leave the country.

Damien Green – Immigration Minister explained the situation  by saying that the decision has been taken upon the university’s failure to take care of “serious and systemic failings” that had been flagged up earlier this year.In reply to the accusation that this will ruin many student`s lives, he said that they still have the  right to stay in the UK, as soon as they study.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May have been accused by National Students Union (NUS) that they are using international students as “political football. This heavy-handed decision makes no sense for students, no sense for institutions and no sense for the country. This situation and the botched process by which the decision was arrived at could be avoided if international students were not included in statistics of permanent migrants.” – said the NUS president.

UKBA says that they did everything possible to avoid this terrible outcome and worked closely with the university, unfortunately the university failed to improve. According to UKBA reports, the main violations include the university`s failure to check whether the international students have the mandatory English skills required in order to study in a UK university, as well as to keep record of whether the students visit  their lectures regularly, which is mandatory for all universities, accepting overseas students.

A UKBA spokesman said: “Allowing London Metropolitan University to continue to sponsor and teach international students was not an option”.

The Immigration Minister Green has said that the government will do all it can to ensure that those genuine students who have been adversely affected will be able to find new courses. Universities Minister, David Willetts MP said ‘it is important that genuine students who are affected through no fault of their own are offered prompt advice and help, including, if necessary, with finding other institutions at which to finish their studies.’

The government is very strict when it comes to immigration, because of the many attempts to abuse the education system as a way to enter the country. Some institutions allow “fake enrolling”, so the “students” can legally seek for employment.