Campaign Group Publishes Draft Leveson Bill

A group formed by the victims of phone hacking announced the way they see the draft bill that would enshrine in law the Levenson’s report proposals.

In their opinion, due to the pressure from newspaper publishers, the call for an independent press regulation proposed by Lord Justice Levenson, will not materialize.

The parents of the murder victim Milly Dowler and those of the missing Madelaine McCann were also part of this group. They have put a bill drafted by their chairman, Hugh Tomlinson QC, in conjunction with specialist Parliamentary Counsel Daniel Greenberg.

No matter the fact that the report of Levenson has the support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, Prime Minister David Cameron said he did not agree with the idea of changing the law because of the press regulation. The changes Levenson wants would create a statutory underpinning for the work of a regulatory body for the press so that they will become sure they are able to act against newspapers and achieve the demanded results and freedom of the press.

The group found out that according to the conservative ministers this idea is unnecessary and difficult to happen but with this draft bill they at least managed to demonstrate that their proposals are workable.

The words of the director of Hacked Off, Professor Brian Cathcart, sounded like this:

“The right thing to do now is to implement the judge’s recommendations on press regulation in full and without delay. Our draft Bill – the Leveson Bill – offers a plain and straightforward way of doing that.

“This is not a bill for press regulation as Hacked Off or anyone else would wish it: it is a bill to underpin voluntary press self-regulation in the way Lord Justice Leveson wanted it.”

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