Justice Secretary Invites World To Settle Legal Disputes In The UK

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling sent invitations to litigants from the whole globe offering them to bring their legal issues to London.

He wanted to promote the UK legal services market across the world, mentioning that “any plan to promote UK industry abroad that ignored legal services would be like going to Wimbledon and missing the tennis”.

Yearly legal services bring about £3.5 billion as only the battle between Roman Abramovich and fellow Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky made as much as £100 million pounds for the lawyers in London.

In an announcement at London law firm Allen & Overy, Mr Grayling said he intended to increase the sum that the British legal services market makes to the UK economy each year.

In the words of Mr. Grayling, Britain is one of the countries with the best reputation when speaking about law but he desired to go further “Promoting industry. Promoting growth. Promoting jobs. Encouraging international businesses to come to the UK to have contracts written and disputes resolved.”

He also mentioned that UK courts were cheaper and worked faster than those in other European countries. This is why in his opinion foreign litigants would be attracted by the fame of the UK legal system.

“We’re a world leader in legal services. London is the venue of choice for more international and commercial cases than any other city on earth. This is a sector that contributes over £20 billion to the UK economy.”

Unfortunately lawyers made complaints that as wealthy people from all over the world were invited to London at the same time there are many UK citizens who are being denied access to justice because of the cuts in legal aid.

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