Cuts on the Legal Aid Budget

According to the words of the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling as legal aid covers the costs of accused criminals they should not be offered to use top-rate lawyers.

He talked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme with the idea of stating that these people should not use expensive QC’s when less experienced and much cheaper lawyers are able to do the same job.

He proposed than junior lawyers should defend such criminals explaining that this would cut some of the costs from the legal aid budget.

“The question is, can we really afford so often to use people who are paid such an additional higher rate compared with somebody’s who’s nearly as experienced, who’s a seriously competent barrister, who will become a QC one day if they choose to do so? The reason I’m starting this discussion, and I’ll be talking to the Bar Council and others, is that in some cases we’re now spending £500,000 or more on legal fees.”

Critics, on the other hand, showed their concerns that such cuts will mean worse outcomes for the people who cannot afford legal representation and these will have no access to justice at all.

The current budget for legal aid suffered changes and has already been slashed but most probably some new reductions are on their way.

Martha McGowan, the Chairman of the Bar Council, said Grayling’s decision was wrong and it could be compared to a trainee doctor carrying out a complicated surgery.

The legal aid has been a controversial issues for decades, however what we are certain about is the need of high quality legal documents for every business.