Youth Crime Commissioner Busted For Offensive Tweets

Racist and homophobic slurs were discovered earlier this week on the Twitter timeline of Britain’s inaugural youth crime commissioner.

Her name is Paris Brown and she is 17 years old. For £15,000 a year she should try to improve the communication between young people and police.W wonder if she is familiar with the employment documents required for 17-year olds?

Unfortunately it turned out that Ms Brown had posted unsavory things on her Twitter earlier this week. These included topics about sex, drugs and drinking. From a legal perspective – nothing unforgivable, however was she right to write thinks like these?

When applying for this position Ms Brown competed with 164 other candidates.

The person who first mentioned about this position and was ready to pay £5,000 of the salary from her own wage shared she had thought that the appointment of Ms Brown had been a good decision.

“I was not recruiting an angel, and I was not recruiting a police officer,” said Ms Barnes. “I was recruiting a young person, warts and all.

This is the main reason why she believed there was no way that they could find a young person who had never said anything foolish and offensive and felt sorry for it later.

Before being given this position Paris passed police vetting procedures but they did not find out anything about the teenager’s social media presence.

Many complaints were received on Monday so now police investigates this case.

In the words of Ms Brown this furor about her tweets would prevent her from carrying out her duties.

“I strongly reiterate that I am not racist or homophobic,” she added. “I have fallen into the trap of behaving with bravado on social networking sites. I hope this may stand as a learning experience for many other young people.”




Football Authorities Threatened With Changes to The Law

Football authorities were given 12 months to make some changes in the way the game runs, otherwise they will face changes to the law.

It was proved after a report that football authorities took almost no action to implement the changes that the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee recommended in July 2011.

Even the sports minister described football in the UK as “the worst governed sport in this country”.

The idea of this report is to propose ways which will help English clubs become more responsible with their finance and also give fans more opportunities to give their opinions on the running of the clubs.

It turned out that the three main football authorities- the Football Association, Premier League and Football League- disappointed the committee.

The expected reforms had to do much about the balance between the FA and the Premier League because Premier League is now the dominant one.

Due to this report if authorities did not make the steps needed the legislation would be introduced to enforce Financial Fair Play rules. These are made in a way that they limit the amount that clubs can spend in comparison to the amount that they earn.

The three football authorities made a statement saying they had done just enough:

“Significant headway has already been made on many of these proposed reforms, not least on sustainability and transparency….the remaining reform proposals are the subject of consultation within the game and we are confident that the necessary progress will be made.”

Despite this statement Hugh Robertson said they could do more:

“We have been clear that we want the football authorities to carry out the reforms they promised by the start of the 2013-14 season – most notably around improved governance and diverse representation at the FA, the development of a licensing system and greater financial transparency”.

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No Sympathy for Burglars Wounded in Farm House Robbery Attempt

On September 2nd, in Leicestershire, near Melton Mowbray, two men attempted to rob a farm cottage. Instead, they got shot by the owner of the property. According to a judge, the burglars should have expected to be shot for entering a property of a gun owner. It is stated in the law that people in good faith and using reasonable force can defend themselves with any means they feel are necessary to protect themselves, their families or property from intruders.

Judge Michael Pert QC ironically stated to the burglars Daniel Mansell, 33, and Joshua O’Gorman, 27, that it is only normal to be shot once you have entered someone else’s private property in order to rob it. After all, the two burglars should have expected such an outcome given the fact that the owner of the property they entered was in the possession of a gun. The two men are now sentenced to four-year prison.

Despite the fact that both burglars pleaded guilty on an early hearing, the judge refused to accept the plea that the shooting by the owner must be treated as a mitigating factor. The plea was made on the account that the shooting caused not only injuries to the burglars, but also ‘trauma’ from what happened that day. The owner of the cottage farm, Andy Ferrie, 35, has a legal right for the gun he possesses. It was reported that he shot O’Gorman in the face and Mansell in the right hand after one of the burglars reached for a drawer that was full of kitchen knives.

The judge showed little sympathy to the two burglars. He stated that as long as someone is robbing someone else’s house or property, to be shot is not mitigation itself. After all, if you choose to burglar a house in the country, which owner is more that likely to legally own a shotgun, then it is only normal to expect that he will probably shoot at you. There is that chance with robbing farm cottages. That is why, burglars cannot expect to come to court and plead for a lighter sentence just because the owner shot at them. Mr. Ferrie was reported to have been arrested for suspicion of grievous bodily harm and because of that he was held in custody for about two days along with his wife, Tracey, 43. The couple was then released and no criminal charges were made against them. According to the judge, the experience that Mr. Perry had could have been as upsetting as the ones claimed by the burglars themselves.

The chief prosecutor for the East Midlands, Judith Walker announced that she was satisfied to see that householders can act in a reasonable self-defense when faced with intruders in frightening circumstances. She also added that the law clearly states that as long as anyone ‘acts in good faith, using reasonable force, doing what they honestly feel is necessary to protect themselves, their families or their property, will not be prosecuted for such action’.

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