Children in Danger Because of Neglecting

The NSPCC announced that there are many cases in which children die or there are long-term damages on their health due to child neglect. This is why it may be assumed as seriously as physical or sexual abuse.

The charity gave money for a study investigating different stories from the past decade connected to children’s deaths. It is looking for a “strategic approach” to solve the problem.

The University of East Anglia published a report analyzing 645 cases in England from 2005 until 2011- cases in which teenagers were either seriously injured or died due to some kind of abuse.

175 of these cases involved children in risk; 101 of which are now part of the protection register as victims of physical or sexual abuse.

Ruth Gardner, from the NSPCC, said: “This study is the first time anyone has looked behind the stark figures to try to understand the complex dangers of neglect.

We now have clear evidence that neglect can lead to catastrophic harm as well as corrosive long-term damage to children’s well-being.”

The cases of Peter Connelly and Khyra Ishaq are examples of cases in which the authorities were criticised for not acting on concerns.

Khyra’s mother and her partner kept her and their other children locked out of their kitchen. Due to this way of life, Khyra starved to death no matter that her neighbours and school tried to do something in order to change the things.

According to NSPCC, expert social workers have to advise children when they feel neglected.

Another thing it calls for is better training so that public could recognize troubled families.

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