Norfolk Police Chief’s Disappointment Over Trip Legal Claim

The 33 years old PC Kelly Jones, who last year injured her leg and wrist at petrol station is now suing its owner. Her chief said he was disappointed of her decision as in fact she tripped on a kerb while attending a suspected break-in.

PC Jones could not be found in order to comment her actions.

Mr. Gormley said: “This type of claim does not represent the approach and attitude of the overwhelming majority of our staff who understand and accept the risks inherent in policing and which they willingly confront to keep the public they serve safe.”

The opinion of South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss is that all the police officers she knew were doing excellent job. This is why according to her this single case should not spoil their reputation.

Solicitor Pattison Brewer sent a letter to the petrol station in according to which PC Jones had gone to the Nunns Bridges garage at 00:20 BST.

He claimed his client went towards a gap in the fencing near a jet wash area in order to access the rear of the premises.

She was not well aware of the petrol station so she tripped and fell because of the high kerbing.

She felt the owner of the filling station did not manage to make this place safe for their clients as it was not bright enough.

In the words of the petrol station owner Steve Jones he could not do anything else for the safety of the officer as the kerb had been quite visible.

Paul Ridgway, chairman of the Norfolk Police Federation, said: “It’s not common, I appreciate that, but the claim has come in and we’ve honoured the officer’s wishes by putting it through to the solicitor.”

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