Emphasis On Queue Times Causing Border Staff To Neglect Other Duties

A recent report pointed that the pressure at the UK borders was too high so staff there were made to cut down on searches in order to reduce queues and perform full passport checks.
The pressure had to be lowered during the Olympics last year, when the home secretary Theresa May used to receive current information about the queues every day.

These measures led to cutting queue times and now the Border Force tries to keep this achievement.
Some say these measures are not right because many duties need to be neglected so that the queue time drops. Some of the things missed are searching vehicles for illegal immigrants and checking travelers for contraband.
According to NAO these changes could mean that queues are more important than some aspects of performance which may later turn out to be dangerous.
The home secretary has to be informed about any failure to carry out a full passport check.

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In the words of Labour, the lack of sources was to be blamed for the failings.
Between April 2010 and March 2012, Border Force staff fell from 8,023 to 7,527 but funding will be increased for the next year so the number of staff is planned to reach 8,477.
Margaret Hodge from the public accounts committee commended the Border Force for reducing queuing times at the Olympics, but added: “…it is deeply worrying that this came at the expense of its other responsibilities, particularly customs. The Border Force must be able to check both goods and passengers at the same time – border security cannot be an either/or choice.”
Immigration minister Mark Harper blamed the previous government for many of the current problems.



The Queen’s Speech 2013: Immigration

In her latest speech today the Queen announced a new approach to immigration which is supposed to reduce the number of people coming to the UK. What was mentioned was that the government had prepared a variety of measures in order to crack down illegal immigration.

The monarch stated that due to the new measures the country would attract only people who would contribute, which sounds reasonable. The Legal Stop will continue to contribute to the businesses with high quality corporate documents and request a document service.

The future migrants will receive stricter limitations on using NHS and getting social benefits and housing.

Businesses found to employ illegal immigrants will be penalized financially. Landlords will also have to be more careful when taking immigrants in their properties. Illegal immigrants will not be able to receive driving licenses.

The mentioned and also the foreign criminals will have to be deported easier because of the new measures.

When talking to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We want this country to attract people who will add to our national life — but those who will not should be deterred.”

Many shared the opinion that today’s speech was focused on immigration mainly as an attempt to attract voters who supported the anti-immigration UK Independence Party in recent local elections.

Before the speech was announced the coalition was criticized as many people did not understand how in fact a number of the proposals would be put into practice, saying that the mentioned will probably not lead to a significant reduction in the amount of illegal immigrants removed from the country.

Limiting immigrants’ access to benefits and other of the “new” proposals were said to be similar to the rules which are already functioning.


New Test for Immigrants Who Want to Stay in the UK

There was an announcement that British culture and history will be the main topics in the UK citizenship test. According to the immigration minister Mark Harper foreign migrants will have to answer questions about the “values and principles at the heart of being British”.

The updated preparation handbook and the new exam will be introduced in March.

The majority of the questions in the current exams are about catching trains and attending job interviews but now they will be replaced with ones about architecture, royalty and British comedy.

Harper said that “This is just part of our work to help ensure migrants are ready and able to integrate into British society and forms part of our changes which have broken the automatic link between temporary and permanent migration.”

According to him this will encourage people to take part in the British life to a greater extend.

More than 150,000 immigrants took the current Life in the UK test last year. There is a little bit of historical information in the handbook for this test but it is only for some academic interest and is not required for the test.

Don Flynn, the director of the Migrants’ Rights Network, compared the new version of the test to “an entry examination for an elite public school”.

“This looks to us like a big step backwards from the concerns with integration which the government is supposed to have in this area,” he commented. “Naturalisation procedures have already been sharply criticised for coming up with tests which have very little to do with the things that most British people feel are important about their lives.”

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UKBA Slammed Over Fresh Immigration Backlog

After the discovery of more than 16,000 unresolved immigration applications, the UK Border Agency underwent lots of critics.

The found applications which were not inspected were of people living outside the EEA but who wanted to settle in the UK because of a partner there.

Inspectors said that most of these cases were appropriately dealt with but of course they managed to find some failings.

There are about 14,000 cases in which applications were rejected one time and when people had tried to apply for a second time their applications had not been dealt with at all.

Some cases were called “complex” as they were not being handled as stuff which needed further guidance.

The independent chief inspector of borders and immigration John Vine criticized this, saying:

“The agency should know about its workload. It should prioritise its resources and, at the very least, have a plan to deal with some of the things that we come across in inspection,”

“For people to be in such a backlog of cases is not acceptable and I urge the agency to deal with the cases swiftly. To wait such a long time, even if your case is complex, is completely outside any service standards.”

On the other hand Mark Harper, the immigration minister, defended UKBA claiming the agency had already had too many problems when they had inherited it.

According to him the system was not good enough to deal with such situations in the past but the new policies will change everything.

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Legal or Illegal Immigrants

Many people inUKgot wrong calls from a firm working for the UK Border Agency. They were announced that despite the fact they stayed legally in theUKthey would have to leave the country.

The UKBA contracted Capita for more information about the illegal immigrants in theUK, with the intent to clear their cases.

Unfortunately, the firm made a huge mistake and contacted a number of people who already gotUKpassports or valid visas. These people were warned to get in touch with the UKBA immediately because they were no longer permitted to stay and work in theUK.

Contractor Capita apologized and said that the error probably came because of outdated files and summoned all these people to contact the Home office of the UK Border Agency and give correct data.

Capita and UKBA received numerous complaints and warnings.

Many of the affected people did not have the chance to contact their lawyers because their messages were being sent out over the Christmas period. Another suggestion for a forthcoming problem was the fact that the delivery of the news may have been dismissed if sent via text message because many people receive them as spam messages and do not open them.

In fact, many of those who are really illegal immigrants did not receive such calls. However, critics claim that even if these had got warning calls this would not have frightened them and made them leave the country.

The UKBA came with the statement that it “will enforce the removal of anyone who refuses to go home voluntarily”.

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UKBA Backlog Case Closure May Lead to Amnesty for Some Immigrants

MPs have warned that Thousands of illegal immigrants may be given an amnesty to stay in the UK because of the attempts to clear a growing backlog of immigration cases. According to Keith Vaz – the chairman of the Home Affairs Committee the situation was ” spiralling out of control ” as the it was almost the same as Iceland’s population (320,000) During the last 3 months, the unresolved immigration cases have increased with 25,000.
The committee is also concerned about the so called “controlled archives”. These are unresolved applications from people that the UKBA has no contact with. The UKBA has the intention to clear those archives by the end of 2012, however there are warnings from the committee, which concern the scrutiny given to each case. They are afraid the huge number of cases to be closed and the paucity of staff may lead to  unreasonable amnesty for some immigrants.

In its report on the UKBA the Committee said: “We are concerned that the closure of the controlled archives may result in a significant number of people being granted effective amnesty in the United Kingdom, irrespective of the merits of their case.”

On the other hand minister Mark Harper Speaking to the BBC, he said: “We’re absolutely not granting an amnesty. If those people ever show up again we will take very firm action against them. We’re working through that backlog steadily and we’re making good progress.”

He also stated  it was becoming increasingly harder to live illegally in the UK.

In addition there is a “migration refusal pool”, which consists of the cases ( about 174,00 cases) of people, who have been denied the right to stay in the UK, however it is not clear, whether they have left the UK, or they live illegally on its territory.

The report continued: “While many of the people in the backlog of cases will have already left the country, we are not convinced that the agency’s limited checking regime will have picked up all of the applicants who remain in the country.

“For this reason we are concerned that the final checks made on these cases should be thorough and that they should not be rushed to meet an artificial deadline.”

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Overstaying Migrants hunted down by Capita

The services company Capita has been hired to hunt down migrants who overstay their visits in England, Scotland and Wales. The firm is hired to find those people and assist them in leaving the country within 28 days. Migrants whose visas have expired are no longer allowed to stay in the United Kingdom.
It was recently announced that a private firm will be hired to hunt down overstaying migrants in England, Scotland and Wales. The firm ‘s job will be to oversee if and which immigrants are staying in the UK more than permitted. Overstaying a leave in the UK is a crime and every migrant found to be convicted, will be forced to leave the
country as soon as possible.

The contract was won by the services company Capita. It grants the responsibility to find overstaying immigrants around the UK, contact them with every means possible and make sure that the person will leave the country. Migrants with expired visas will be tracked down and contacted to provide information on when they plan to leave the

The “migrant refusal pool” from 2008 holds 174,000 names of people who are overstaying their visit in the country. The list consists of information about such people. For example, people who were refused an extension to their visas and are staying longer than allowed. However, the details in the “migrant refusal pool” are not accurate enough so as to say whether or not these people are still in the country or have left.  As stated, Capita will have the responsibility and duty to check this information and take actions if necessary.

MP Keith Vaz recently announced that Capita will be “laughing all the way to the bank” because no performance targets have been established for the firm to meet. Rob Whiteman, UK Border Agency chief executive, dismissed those criticisms as well as many others concerning the contract with the service company. He further explained that no such misunderstanding will occur, simply because the firm will be paid on the number of people contacted on the list. Generally, the potential value of the contract is £4m, in case that is if the firm is especially successful.

There are other two MPs who have also stated that it is a flawed approach not to constitute what success is exactly. The “migrant refusal pool” lists consists of both workers and students who are no longer granted the opportunity to stay in the country because their visas have expired. These people will be expected to leave the United Kingdom within 28 days after being contacted. They can only stay longer either if they apply and remain under another category or if they appeal against the decision. Failing to do so will be forced to leave the country. The firm will not meet with the individual and discuss issues face to face. Contact will be established through phone calls, emails and text messages. The firm will also assist individuals in leaving the UK. Capita will provide the information to the UKBA should an individual refuses to leave the country.