Prescription-only Drugs Sold Illegally in the UK

Everybody knows that selling prescription-only drugs without a prescription is illegal but in fact BBC reporters under cover managed to buy Valium and other different opiates, which should be sold only with prescription at nine pharmacies. The maximum penalty for people accused of such crimes is two years in jail and an unlimited fine.

The BBC’s Inside Out programme Diazepam or as we also know it Valium, was sold in some pharmacies in London for up to £85.

Researches show that in 2011, 125 people died by cocaine and ecstasy and the number of people who died from misuse of benzodiazepines is more than double- 293.

A supported housing officer called Josh Jarrett started taking Valium since he was a boy because of hyperactivity. Now 44 years later he admits the addiction to benzodiazepines ruined his life. When he tried to stop them he suffered hyperventilation, panic attacks, vomiting and seizures. He says: “I cannot think of worse torture than withdrawal from benzodiazepines, which – for me – are legally prescribed.”

Heroine users who want to come down, start taking Temazepam, which is a stronger benzodiazepine. It is in a way dangerous and should be kept locked but at Curie Pharmacy in Maida Vale, westLondon, the BBC bought temazepam with ease.

A bottle of Oramorph, which contains morphine could be found for £200. This opiate is “the strongest possible” closely related to heroin.

Reporters managed to buy antibiotic amoxicillin from all the nine pharmacies.

Dr Yunes Ramadan Teinaz said: “Antibiotics – when misused – can stop working for everyone else.”

None of the pharmacies could give proper explanation.

Only for some weeks undercover reporters bought 288 Valium tablets, 21 temazepam tablets, 294 amoxicillin tablets, 24 Viagra tablets and one bottle of Oramorph, without any supreme efforts.

Unfortunately only one pharmacy is investigated by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

The chief executive of the GPhC, Duncan Rudkin, said: “We will investigate any concerns brought to our attention.

The illegally sold drugs will be handled by the BBC and the legally sold legal documents will be handled by successful businesses!