Caste Discrimination Law Needed in the UK

An amendment was recently voted by the Peers in the House of Lords in favour of Hindu people in the UK. After this amendment they would be protected from caste discrimination.

This was tabled by the former bishop of Oxford, Lord Harries, and would just broaden the Equality Act 2010 which is now responsible for discrimination on different bases like race, age and sexual orientation.

According to the equalities spokesperson in the House of Lords, many people were affected by caste discrimination.  In her words the affected people in the UK are about 850,000.

“Labour has promised to tackle this known but hidden problem – and with peers from across the Lords having now voted overwhelmingly in favour of this change to equalities legislation, ministers should now get on with implementing it.”

The government, however, is on the opposite opinion, claiming that even if law changes this would not stop the cases of caste discrimination.

A spokesman for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said that he did not believe such legislation would help as most of the places where discrimination cases happened were in areas not covered by discrimination law.

Keith Porteous Wood, from the National Secular Society, said that the Government had in fact refused to follow the recommendation that last year UN had made and due to which discrimination had to be considered unlawful .

“Instead, all the Government offered those suffering from caste discrimination was conciliation where there is conflict. The peers, however, were determined to aid the vulnerable more effectively by providing legal protection on caste.”

Be careful when it comes to discrimination, as this is a serious accusation. Better prepare your business with an Anti-discrimination policy.