Government Slammed For Removing Protections For Transgender Children

After the decision of the Department of Education (DfE) to remove the protection from discrimination on the basis of gender identity from its guidelines on teaching the national curriculum, LGBT campaigners gave utterance to their disagreement.

Section 4.2 of the previous issue of the DfE’s Draft National Curriculum document, published in February 2013, said: “Teachers should take account of their duties under equal opportunities legislation that covers disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, gender identity, and religion or belief.”

The last time the document was issued things changed and it referred only to “disability, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation” without mentioning anything about gender and gender identity.May be you will need some Health and Safety Policies for your business.

In the words of a spokesperson for the DfE told Gay Star News teachers knew what pupils wanted and should be able to respond to their needs.

One of the people who said they were against the changes was Zoe Kirk-Robinson, from Conservative LGBT group LBGTory. She said in her opinion the term “sex” did not include gender identity.

She added that the vulnerable transgender children would not feel protected anymore.

In fact they need to be protected better otherwise they would continue experience difficulties at school.

Educational academic Natacha Kennedy said: “I have encountered systematic transphobia on the part of many schools, and consequently there appears to be two default positions for trans children in most schools: fearfully hiding in the closet, and consequently underperforming academically, or out as trans and bullied out of school.”

In her view UK educational system should not erasure trans people from the National Curriculum.

Private Clinics Rapped Over 100% Safety Claim

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) told a chain of private clinics that the vaccines they offered for measles, mumps and rubella were not 100% safe.

The triple MMR jab was offered an alternative while the measles outbreak in South Wales lasted.

Six people sent their complaints to ASA describing seven different issues related to CIC’s website and safety records.You can download Health and Safety Policies for your business on The Legal Stop`s website.

These complaints consider in the majority of the cases children who suffered after being vaccinated. This evidence shows that no matter how many times clinics claim they have the 100% safety record, they in fact do not tell the whole truth.

The opinion of the broadcaster and journalist Vivienne Parry is that these companies had betrayed the trust of their patients lying that they held the 100% safety record when the details of emergency hospitalization showed something much different.

“I knew that a 100% safety record amongst 18,000 children was statistically as unlikely as hen’s teeth. They claimed that not one of 18,000 children vaccinated by them had developed autism but how did they know this. The truth is, they didn’t.”

There were other complaints the target of which was the promotion of prescription-only medicine, and the hidden connections between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Two of the people who sent complaints thought that the website would most probably cause fear and distress. The current form of the site has to be changed otherwise it would not be able to function at all.

CIC was told to stop promoting prescription-only medicines and to remove such claims as the one of the 100% safety record.

Fiona Dickson, managing director of CIC, said despite the ruling: “I think we do a very good job. People make a choice to come to us and we give them very good service.”

Ryanair To Sue Channel 4 Over Dispatches Programme

The publishers of the Daily Mail and Channel 4 will most probably be sued by Ryanair because of assertions about the airline’s attitude towards safety.

Because of the documentary ‘Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit’ where the pilot John Goss mentioned the airline’s safety policy on the national television he was immediately sacked.See our range of Health and Safety Documents

The low budget airline stated: “We will not allow a Ryanair employee to defame our safety on national television”.

In their words only three weeks earlier Goss claimed he did not concern in any way about the safety of the airline.

Because of this, Ryanair stated they intended to take more serious libel action against Associated Newspapers Ltd, publisher of the Daily Mail.

Ryanair’s PR agency rejected to share the title, or titles, which will be the target of legal proceedings. Their spokeswoman came out with the words that they would not comment pending legal cases.

The legal representatives for Ryanair, Johnsons confirmed that the Dublin’s high court has already been hearing the cases on the matter.

The law firm said “We have been instructed to vigorously prosecute these libel proceedings”.

According to its representatives these allegations were far from the real situation.

All pilots working in Ryanair had the chance to read a memo describing the reasons for the dismissal of pilot John Goss.

Ryanair tried to assure everyone that safety is the most important thing for them and they always put it at first place.

Johnsons said passengers had nothing to worry about because according to their words Ryanair was working with the safest airlines in Europe and had a 29- year safety record.


Man Arrested Over Abusive Tweets To Feminist Campaigner

After the feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez received abuse and rape threats via Twitter, the man who sent them was arrested.

As it was announced that the image of Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note would be replaced by that of Winston Churchill, Ms Criado-Perez began a petition claiming that the Bank of England had to add the image of a woman to a UK banknote.

Right after the changes considering the face of Churchill were introduced, it became evident that the author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, would replace Charles Darwin on the £10 note.

These are good news for all women but Ms Criado-Perez received a torrent of sexist abuse on Twitter. By the way, please make yourself aware of our Computer-E-mail-Internet Usage Policy template

In her words the abusive tweets were about 50 for just 12 hours. In some of the messages she read threats of raping and killing her. It seems that some of the men who threatened her have created accounts on Twitter with the only aim to harass her.

Yesterday, a man was arrested in Manchester in relation to an allegation of malicious communications made in Camden on Thursday.

Twitter faced harsh criticism on the way they answered to Ms Criado-Perez to call for the social network to introduce a “Report Abuse” button.

“It’s sadly not unusual to get this kind of abuse but I’ve never seen it get as intense or aggressive as this,” she said. “It’s infuriating that the price you pay for standing up for women is 24 hours of rape threats.”

She supported her words by the fact that the Bank of England had changed its mind so Twitter could do the same.



Health and Safety Not Gone Mad, says HSE

The great number of cases where health and safety were used as a false reason so that something could be banned, were criticized by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Most people associate falsely health and safety with absurd situations where preposterously risk-averse restrictions are applied. A good example of the mentioned is a ban on shredded paper at a school fête. People need to learn that the Health and Safety Executive has provided restrictive rules so that they cannot use law in order to do anything they want.

Judith Hackitt, chair of the HSE, explained that there were cases blown up by media, which in fact had nothing to do with actual health and safety regulations.

“The reality is that people hide behind health and safety when there are other reasons for what they’re doing – fear of being sued perhaps, or bad customer service,” she said. “It’s time for them to own up to their real motives.”

HSE set up an expert panel the aim of which is to investigate cases in which because of the health and safety grounds some benign activities were prohibited.

For one year, this panel reported 150 cases where health and safety rules were not used in the proper way by either business or public bodies. Among the cases were a restaurant, which refused to serve burgers rare, and bars, which refused to fill pint glasses, which were equipped with, handles.

In the words of Ms. Hacklitt the panel had seen amazing cases which proved that people were not well aware of the meaning of health and safety.

She said: “The sad fact is that while all this nonsense is being spouted, it overshadows what health and safety is really about – ensuring people return home without injury from their day’s work, every day.”

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Justice Secretary Invites World To Settle Legal Disputes In The UK

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling sent invitations to litigants from the whole globe offering them to bring their legal issues to London.

He wanted to promote the UK legal services market across the world, mentioning that “any plan to promote UK industry abroad that ignored legal services would be like going to Wimbledon and missing the tennis”.

Yearly legal services bring about £3.5 billion as only the battle between Roman Abramovich and fellow Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky made as much as £100 million pounds for the lawyers in London.

In an announcement at London law firm Allen & Overy, Mr Grayling said he intended to increase the sum that the British legal services market makes to the UK economy each year.

In the words of Mr. Grayling, Britain is one of the countries with the best reputation when speaking about law but he desired to go further “Promoting industry. Promoting growth. Promoting jobs. Encouraging international businesses to come to the UK to have contracts written and disputes resolved.”

He also mentioned that UK courts were cheaper and worked faster than those in other European countries. This is why in his opinion foreign litigants would be attracted by the fame of the UK legal system.

“We’re a world leader in legal services. London is the venue of choice for more international and commercial cases than any other city on earth. This is a sector that contributes over £20 billion to the UK economy.”

Unfortunately lawyers made complaints that as wealthy people from all over the world were invited to London at the same time there are many UK citizens who are being denied access to justice because of the cuts in legal aid.

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Breast Surgeon Under Investigation for Unnecessary Breast Cancer Surgeries

During the period 2004-2007 hundreds of women had undergone botched and unnecessary breast surgeries. The surgeon Ian Paterson is now under investigation by the police and could face criminal charges. He has been suspended by the General Medical Council and the main reason for that  is that he misdiagnosed at least 450 women with cancer and applied unnecessary surgery manipulations to remove lumps.

Paterson is a breast cancer specialist, who had worked for the NHS for almost 20 years – since 1994. The surgeries in question took place in different UK hospitals during the period  2004 – 2007. Now about 90 of his patients are submitting compensation claims against the Heart of England NHS Trust and Spire Healthcare, because of the unnecessary procedures they have gone through.

Besides being accused of removing lumps without being necessary, he is also investigated for performing a mastectomy procedure which is not sanctioned in the UK, called “cleavage sparing”. Excess breast tissue was left behind for cosmetic reasons, which is against national guidelines.

The solicitor on the claimant side stated his client had to undergo a second surgery in order to remove the excess tissue.

The national head of clinical negligence for Thompson Solicitors –Ms Kashmir Uppal said the case was the largest one she had ever dealt with. She also added: ”[These women] deserved the best medical care but have been let down by Mr Paterson.

“What we’re trying to do is secure some compensation for them to move forward with their lives.”

Spire Healthcare is working closely with the NHS Trust and the GMC on the investigation related to Mr Paterson practice.

A spokesman for the group said: “Supported by a team of independent consultant breast surgeons, we are reviewing the medical records of Ian Paterson’s patients who underwent specific procedures for benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions.”

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SRA with New Leniency Policy for Whistleblowers

According to new SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) proposals, whistleblowers, involved in misconduct will face lighter penalties.

A consultation on the introduction of co-operation agreements has been launched today by the SRA. According to those legal agreements, solicitors, who might have been involved in misconduct, but report  others` misconduct and help the investigation, will face lenient sanctions. This consultation will run until the 23rd of January.

The SRA intends to enter co-operation agreements not only with solicitors, but also witnesses, who may be facing regulatory difficulties. They will be required to disclose and report anything they know and even witness in court, if necessary. In return, their own conduct will be dealt as defined in the agreement.

The SRA plans, aiming to encourage people to disclose to the SRA , follow the example given by Financial Services Authority and their leniency scheme, which increased almost twice the calls to its whistleblowing line.

SRA director for legal and enforcement David Middleton said: ‘We anticipate cases in which potential witnesses who are worried about their own position will be more likely to come forward if there is potential certainty of regulatory outcome for them and an element of leniency consistent with the public interest.’

In addition Middleton said ‘Respondents to investigations are already aware that the early correction of problems and co-operating generally with us can significantly mitigate any failures on their part. ‘Earlier identification of problems could reduce the impact on clients and the compensation fund or insurers, so co-operation agreements would be another step forward in encouraging disclosure and co-operation.’

This aimed to underline that the proposed approach did not “water down” the requirements of the regulated community to report misconduct,

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