Private Clinics Rapped Over 100% Safety Claim

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) told a chain of private clinics that the vaccines they offered for measles, mumps and rubella were not 100% safe.

The triple MMR jab was offered an alternative while the measles outbreak in South Wales lasted.

Six people sent their complaints to ASA describing seven different issues related to CIC’s website and safety records.You can download Health and Safety Policies for your business on The Legal Stop`s website.

These complaints consider in the majority of the cases children who suffered after being vaccinated. This evidence shows that no matter how many times clinics claim they have the 100% safety record, they in fact do not tell the whole truth.

The opinion of the broadcaster and journalist Vivienne Parry is that these companies had betrayed the trust of their patients lying that they held the 100% safety record when the details of emergency hospitalization showed something much different.

“I knew that a 100% safety record amongst 18,000 children was statistically as unlikely as hen’s teeth. They claimed that not one of 18,000 children vaccinated by them had developed autism but how did they know this. The truth is, they didn’t.”

There were other complaints the target of which was the promotion of prescription-only medicine, and the hidden connections between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Two of the people who sent complaints thought that the website would most probably cause fear and distress. The current form of the site has to be changed otherwise it would not be able to function at all.

CIC was told to stop promoting prescription-only medicines and to remove such claims as the one of the 100% safety record.

Fiona Dickson, managing director of CIC, said despite the ruling: “I think we do a very good job. People make a choice to come to us and we give them very good service.”

Government Taken To Task Over Compensation Culture Myth

A health and safety journal has recently announced that the claims of the government for”compensation culture” were nonsensical. Buy Health and Safety documents.

A health and safety publication Hazards claims that the number of people getting payouts for injury or disease resulting from work, has fallen with 60% over the past decade.

In the time between 2011-2012 only 87,655 people had received compensations and back in 2000-2001 their number was 219,183.

Due to different statistics most of the people suffering from terminal conditions contracted in the workplace have no chance of getting any compensation.

An appropriate example for the mentioned is the fact that for the last year 4,000 workers have died from occupational emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and only 59 workers managed to get compensation for the harsh working conditions.

Last year Prime Minister David Cameron commented: “It is simply much too easy for no-win-no-fee lawyers to encourage trivial claims against businesses, which end up settling out of court because it’s too expensive to fight the case. It’s a huge part of our compensation culture and it must change.”

He promised public to change the health and safety law in case so that businesses will not be considered faulty each time when something went wrong.

According to Rory O’Neill, editor of Hazards most of the workers were dying not only in pain but also in poverty.

However, a spokesman for the government announced it was trying to make new health and safety rules and give its best in order to protect their workers.