Google competition plan ‘not good enough’ – EU official

As an answer to the accusation that Google uses its 90% market share of internet search in Europe to popularize its own services, the company answered they would change the way some results are displayed.

However, European Commission competition chief Joaquin Almunia commented that Google’s proposal was not good enough. By the way, have you seen The Legal Stop`s corporate document templates?

On Wednesday Mr. Almunia said: “I concluded that proposals that Google sent to us months ago are not enough to overcome our concerns”.

Al Verney, Google’s spokesman said their offer was in force only on the areas of concern that the EU mentioned.

Those were:

  • how Google favours its own services in its search results
  • how it displays content from other websites
  • how it manages adverts appearing next to search results
  • how its actions affect marketers’ ability to buy adverts through rival networks

Both Google and the commission mentioned they were ready to reach a settlement.

The proposal of Google, which came in April, was to start displaying links to rivals close to where it displayed its own services on its results page.

Another proposal was that the results of YouTube, Google Maps and its other sites would be more clearly labeled.

Other companies, on the other hand, said these steps would not be enough in order to show any progress.

“It is clear that mere labelling is not any kind of solution to the competition concerns that have been identified. Google should implement the same ranking policy to all websites,” Microsoft said in April.

Google’s proposals were submitted to the complainants, who in this case are a group of businesses including Microsoft, Expedia and Trip Advisor.

A study of UK web users commissioned by the group, suggested that one in five of the 1,888 people studied clicked on Google’s commercial web services, and only one in 200 clicked on its rivals’.