No changes in Law on High-Stakes Gambling Machines

Despite the shared concerns of the campaign group the government decided that they will not vote on more stringent regulations on high-stakes gambling machines.

This group was formed in order to make gambling fairer. They warned the government that there are easily available machines which allow people to place bets of up to £100 for a potential payout of £500. This makes them think they may earn easy money and because of this they become addicted to gambling.

Hugh Robertson, the culture minister, said he does not find enough evidence on what the group claimed. Because of him the Responsible Gambling Trust now undertakes a study on the machines with the aim to find out if such a problem really exists or not.

“This is one of those quite tricky areas where common sense suggests there is a major problem but there is a lack of evidence to back this up,” he claimed.

However, not only the Campaign for Fairer Gambling but also some of the MP’s believe the evidence is just enough so that the law changes.

In the words of labour MP Kelvin Hopkins the high-stakes betting machines are “the crack cocaine of problem gambling”.

On the other hand, a study of the Commons Culture Media and Sport Select Committee showed just the opposite- that the regulation on these machines should be loosened.

In response to this the Campaign for Fairer Gambling stated an opinion that such machines should be seen only in casinos.

The plans of the campaign point out that each shop should be permitted to have only one machine and the maximum stake for machines in betting shops should be £2. As a result people will be discouraged and will not gamble that much.

The government has no intentions to change the current situation so bookmakers will keep on earning money in the same way they do now.

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