UK Gambling Regulations – Reduced and Simplified

According to a Commons culture committee’s report, the current gambling legislation has failed to keep up with the changes in culture and society, it is not adequate enough and some changes are required. The casinos and betting shops have very tight rights now, and MPs say that they should be allowed more slot machines, as well as the Gambling Commission should charge them less.

The last piece of legislation related to gambling is the 2005 Gambling act, which is now considered to be too “puritanical”. This Act was released, because the government was thinking of a way to facilitate the spread of casinos, however back in 2005 it faced strong public opposition and some changes were made, so no “Las Vegas” was materialised in Britain.

MPs called for more power to be given to local councils, when it comes to casinos. Currently, this is under the control of the Gambling commission, which was created by the 2005 Act. However they are considered too bureaucratic and expensive, which may put off entrepreneurs from investing in the gambling business.

John Whittingdale, the Conversative MP who heads the Commons culture committee, said that we need to be aware of the problems gambling can create, but there is a great need of new regulations, which should be simplified, a she believes that the the ‘reluctantly permissive’ tone of gambling legislation over the last 50 years now looks outdated.

Opponents have said that a relaxation of the law may pose a risk to some vulnerable people. Jake Brindell, a former gambling addict who runs a website to provide help other with gambling addictions, said it would bring in more money, but so-called problem gamblers would “suffer”.

“The more opportunities people have got to gamble, the more people are going to gamble,” concluded Jake.