Google should Change its Privacy Policy

As the European Union keeps on warning Google about its privacy policy till the summer it will probably face some serious sanctions.

After in March this year the search engine giant combined 60 privacy policies of their different services into one, the EU pushes it to change their privacy policy.

Some of the changes will include the right of Google to track individual users across different Google services. Google is known to operate also with some other services like Gmail, YouTube, Google+, and Android mobile systems.

Using these different services Google may now make their targeted advertising more effective.

This new privacy policy does not obey EU privacy regulations because through it Google collects too much personal information which in some of the cases users prefer not to share.

The warning of the EU towards Google was not to use the personal data collected simply for advertising purposes and to “reinforce users’ consent”.

Yesterday the French privacy regulator CNIL announced that Google did not manage to do some changes and give proper answers in the period of four months it was given.

“In this context, the EU data protection authorities are committed to act and continue their investigations,” CNIL added. “Therefore, they propose to set up a working group, led by the CNIL, in order to coordinate their reaction, which should take place before summer.”

Google, on the other hand, claims they had taken steps to comply with European law and that they will continue doing so.

According to Joaquin Almunia, the EU’s head of competition, Google used the fact it is a main search engine in order to unfairly promote their own products.

Another thing Google was also blamed for was that it paid for paying only £6 million in UK tax last year, despite generating $4.1 billion of revenue.

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