The Legal Advice has just moved to… Twitter!

The best things in life come free. But does this apply to the legal services?? Being a rather conservative industry when is the word affordable ever heard? Well, at The Legal Stop we wanted to shake up the industry’s status quo once again, changing the way people think about legal services.


The power of social media

At The Legal Stop, we want to make the law and the provision of legal services accessible and affordable. We have already introduced our revolutionary Legal App, designed to provide professional, quality legal services for start-ups, SMEs and individuals, at reasonable prices, on the go, and without sign-ups or long-term contracts.

How to make your Friday REALLY attractive?

We pride ourselves in providing top quality legal services that don’t cost the earth. However, we didn’t stop there. We are so committed to the start-ups and small businesses that we decided to offer professional legal advice for FREE. Yes, absolutely FREE of charge!

Find your personal legal adviser on Twitter!

We believe in the power of social media and modern Internet technologies, and that’s why we decided to take our legal services to Twitter and offer them for free! Every Friday, you will be given an amazing opportunity – simply ask any question – share your legal issue or concern, and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

Legal Friday – how to join?

What you need to do to take part? Simply tweet your question using hasthag #LegalFriday and get your answer right on Twitter! Asking your legal questions is now easy as pie, and it’s absolutely free. You can ask about any legal issue or concern you’ve got – the only thing you have to remember is the 140 characters tweet limit.

The beauty of simple solutions.

Have you ever struggled with very simple issue and needed straightforward, quality and affordable legal help? Most solicitors could charge £100s for mere consultation, and you have to go through all the paperwork and hassle of legal procedures. Now you can get the legal advice during your lunch break, tweeting it in, right between favouriting a great dinner recipe and retweeting your friend’s party invitation.

YouI can’t believe it! What’s the catch?

Well, you probably live in the old world, with old habits. At The Legal Stop we believe in thinking different and changing the way people think about legal advice. As long as you tweet your question on Friday, using #LegalFriday, you’ll get an answer straight to your Twitter feed.

140 chars too short?

No problem whatsoever, simply use our Legal App to browse through more than 150 legal document templates ready to download, top quality bespoke document drafting or more comprehensive fixed fee legal advice – all available in one place, on the go, in seconds, right at your fingertips.

Now, that’s what we call a professional commitment to legal services.