Frankie Boyle Sues The Mirror

The Mirror should be more careful when calling someone “a racist”. The famous UK comedian Frankie Boyle takes a legal action against them, because in July 20122, the newspaper published an articles about him. starting with the following statement: “RACIST comedian Frankie Boyle could soon be returning to TV despite upsetting thousands of viewers”.

Mr. Boyle claims the articles seriously “libelled” him and attempted to damage his reputation. It is expected that the case, taking place in the High Court would last for a week.

Boyle’s lawyer David Sherborne said Boyle accepted criticism but could not tolerate to be labeled a racist, that`s why it is completely right to take legal actions in order to protect himself.”He realises that that goes with the territory, so to speak.”But accusing him of being a racist is an entirely different matter.”

In the court, some of the most controversial jokes told by Boyle were played, together with clips from his show Tramadol Nights. The jokes played included the Afganistan war and an impersonation of a newsreader reporting on casualties, suggesting British lives are more valuable than those of Pakistanis.

In order to protect his client, Boyle`s lawyer said that the jokes should be undestood in the context they are made hoped to demonstrate that the offensive language used is merely a device to mock the views of people he detests. “It is clear when you watch this that he [Boyle] is saying this is society’s view, not his. He makes it clear by using a different voice. What he’s doing is to mock the view of people who believe that.”

The Mirror says they stand behind the truth and fair comment and defend their article, claiming that some of the jokes featured on Tramadol Nights exploit various negative stereotypes “gratuitously for laughs”.

Together with racism accusations, Boyle also mentioned that because of this article, he was forced to leave the show Mock the Week.

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