Financial Rules On Non-EU Spouses Slammed By Parliamentary Group

A group of MPs and peers announced that the financial restrictions on who is permitted to bring a non-EU spouse and who is not usually destroy families.

Due to the new rules if a British citizen wants to sponsor a visa for a spouse from outside of the EU, they need to prove that their annual income is minimum £18,600. This can be done by using legal documents proving it.

In case the same guy wants to sponsor a visa for a child the amount increases to £22,400 and another £2,400 on top of that for each additional child.

However, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration asked for cancellation of these rules as many families suffer because of them mentioning the fact that there are British children who are not able to see their non-UK parents.

The people who think the policy is not that bad say that tax payers have to receive a reduction to the cost.

“If you are bringing someone into the country, then you should be expected to support that person without recourse to public expense,” said Mark Reckless, a Conservative MP who sits on the home affairs select committee. “Over time, it might be possible that the regulations could be adjusted. There will be hard cases and we learn in light of those experiences.”

Those on the opposite opinion said the restrictions were too cruel and pointed some evidence showing that around 47% of the working population of the UK would not meet the new requirements.

The figures that the government published show that the number of citizens unable to comply with the requirements is 18,000. Despite this fact it declared that the changes were necessary.