Elle Macpherson’s Ex-Adviser Drops Hacking Damages Claim

The claim that Elle MacPherson had handed in court against News Group Newspapers was abandoned by her former adviser. We are wondering if she has provided Elle with all necessary legal documents.

Mary Ellen Field Ms McPherson had decided to sue the publisher of News of the World, claiming that her relationship with Ms McPherson broke down because of the fact her voicemails were object of phone hacking.

According to the lawyers for News Group it could not be proved that the messages left from Ms Field had been hacked.

In 2003 Ms Field had been hired as a business adviser to Ms McPherson and after 11 alleged instances of leaking information to the press in 2005 she was dismissed from her job.

NGN’s lawyer Dinah Rose QC said: “The position is that there has never been any evidence at all that NGN hacked the claimant’s phone or hacked any other phone on which she had left a message, or that it has ever interfered at all in any way with her private information.”

Ms Macpherson was not the only victim of the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who got a sentence of about six months January 2007 for giving information from voicemail messages of famous people to NoW journalists.

During the inquiry Ms Field shared that Ms McPherson had suspected her of disclosing secrets from her private life to the press.

Ms Field was sent to a US rehabilitation centre because she was accused of being an alcoholic.

On Friday Augustus Ullstein QC, Ms Field’s counsel, announced that she had no other option but to discontinue.

There is a big chance that Ms Field faces a large bill for legal costs incurred by NGN.