Seven DVLA Workers Suspended for “inappropriate” Facebook Comments

Seven office workers have been suspended because of “inappropriate” comments in a social network. They are part of the staff of the DVLA in Swansea. The reason for suspending was because they were caught writing jokes on Facebook, while working and as according to the latest employment contracts, employees are not allowed to get engaged in the social networks, except if it is work-related. The seven DVLA employees are now  about to face disciplinary action.

The number of people working in the office in the DVLA’s office in Swancea is about 5000.

The spokesperson of the agency said: “The staff remains suspended while investigations are ongoing.”

As a result, after this incident all the workers of this agency were banned from accessing social networking websites when they are at work.

The staff claims they posted their comments outside work but were later reported to management. However, according to the spokes person, all inappropriate posts and jokes made by the staff were to be investigated, no matter if they had been made at work or outside work.

“All staff are aware of the guidance in place and are reminded on a regular basis.”

Now DVLA is about to close 39 of the regional offices in order to cut costs and encourage people to use its online services.