Legal or Illegal Immigrants

Many people inUKgot wrong calls from a firm working for the UK Border Agency. They were announced that despite the fact they stayed legally in theUKthey would have to leave the country.

The UKBA contracted Capita for more information about the illegal immigrants in theUK, with the intent to clear their cases.

Unfortunately, the firm made a huge mistake and contacted a number of people who already gotUKpassports or valid visas. These people were warned to get in touch with the UKBA immediately because they were no longer permitted to stay and work in theUK.

Contractor Capita apologized and said that the error probably came because of outdated files and summoned all these people to contact the Home office of the UK Border Agency and give correct data.

Capita and UKBA received numerous complaints and warnings.

Many of the affected people did not have the chance to contact their lawyers because their messages were being sent out over the Christmas period. Another suggestion for a forthcoming problem was the fact that the delivery of the news may have been dismissed if sent via text message because many people receive them as spam messages and do not open them.

In fact, many of those who are really illegal immigrants did not receive such calls. However, critics claim that even if these had got warning calls this would not have frightened them and made them leave the country.

The UKBA came with the statement that it “will enforce the removal of anyone who refuses to go home voluntarily”.

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The Legal Ombudsman Publishes a List of Decisions

An online list of decisions made by the Legal Ombudsman, related to complaints from consumers has been published today. It includes 770 lawyers and law firms from England and Wales.

This report contains information, about the legal services` providers, which have been a subject of complaints submitted to the ombudsman and faced a formal decision. This report will be published every three months, with the first part including information from April to July. Now this list contains about 920 decisions for cases resolved in the stated period.

The list includes facts such as: the number of decisions made by the Legal Ombudsman, regarding each of the firms, the area of law, the date, the nature of remedy awarded and of course, the reason for the complaint.

Adam Sampson-chief legal ombudsman said: What we are publishing is factual data, not opinion, and what we are trying to do with this policy is give objective information about the way the market is operating.’

This move aims to provide transparency on how the system works, to protect the consumer interests and to appeal for higher standards within the legal services area, including the online legal document templates. This report is a reflexion of a careful, detailed review of the profession and its duties, as well as other ombudsman schemes. The next list of decisions is due to be published I November.

Elizabeth France – chair of the Office for Legal Complaints said: ‘We hope this information will help manage consumer expectations of what the Legal Ombudsman can offer and encourage improvement in complaint-handling by lawyers.’

The list of decisions related to complaints from lawyers and law firms was planned to be released in august, however due to some administrative issues, it has been postponed. There were claims that the delay was caused by solicitors` complaints, however the ombudsman denied this.  In addition, he also rejected the statement that “publishing complaints constituted a “naming and shaming” policy”.

Last November, the idea for publishing such a list has been announced and soon after a decision was made. The Law Society opposed it by saying this will not be relevant to the public, but will harm companies with high work volumes, instead.