Violent Crime Falls Rapidly In The UK

The Institute for Economics and Peace announced that the level of violent crime in the UK compared to that in any other country in Western Europe has decreased really fast. Just like the use of business and corporate document templates.

IEP established this index in 2009 with the aim of studying the correlation between peace and economic development and prosperity. The definition of peace due to this index is “the absence of violence or the absence of the fear of violence”.

According to this index from 2003 to 2012 the homicide rates are in half as last year there was only 1 homicide per 100,000.

In spite of the 5.5% fall in police officers in the last five years many forms of crimes have decreased significantly. Among these are weapons crime by 34% and public disorder offences by 29%.

The investigation showed that as a whole life in the UK has become much more peaceful than before.

However, the UK still remains one of the countries in Western Europe with high crime rates.

Improved technology and advances in crime-fighting techniques have helped police much when investigating different crimes. Nowadays enforcement agencies have better and easier ways to cooperate and share information, examine DNA and use electronic surveillance and private security systems.

Another thing the index pointed out was that due to the decrease of public consumption of alcohol, misdeeds motivated by alcohol have also decreased.

Sir Ian Blair, former Met Police Commissioner, mentioned that in his opinion the cultural changes and the general perception of violence were among the main factors behind the fall of violence.

“We are a more violence-adverse society,”

“Domestic violence is being targeted again and again. Football hooliganism, with the exception of the occasional incident, is dying away.”

However, Prof Marian Fitzgerald, said that violence went down because of the late-night economy.

“So when people don’t have money to go out, get tanked up, start having fights, violence goes down.”