Porn Filter Praised By Cameron Run By Huawei

According to BBC the Chinese firm Huawei controls the porn filtering system which David Cameron praised this week.

When on Monday he said he planned to block pornography in the UK, he commented TalkTalk’s filtering system Homesafe.

However, it turned out that employees who live or stay in the UK are able to add and remove domains from the blacklist sites which are blocked if TalkTalk customers sign up for the voluntary scheme.

People said they were concerned because the mentioned company is supposed to be connected to the Chinese government so there was great chance that it would not function in the desired way in the UK and the US. Buy corporate legal documents for the UK.

Not long ago the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) released a report which mentioned that Huawei’s intentions could be more political than commercial.

Despite the fact that Talk Talk seems to be glad about its relations with Huawei, experts claim that it would be better if private companies were not responsible for maintaining blacklists.

Dr Martyn Thomas, chair to the IT policy panel at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, said: “It needs to be run by an organisation accountable to a minister so it can be challenged in Parliament.”

“There’s certainly a concern about the process of how a web address gets added to a blacklist – who knows about it, and who has an opportunity to appeal against it.”

In the words of David Cameron, ISPs would have to decide on their own which is the best solution in managing the filters, but said they would be controlled so that everything functioned as planned.

What he mentioned on Monday was that he intended to crack down on “poisonous” pornographic websites.